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Will you share your story?

Too many workers face unfair barriers when they need mental health support to recover from work-related psychological disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

WorkSafeBC forces most workers to prove their psychological injuries are work-related before they accept their claims. It’s a long and painful process that means some workers can’t get help when they need it most, and others don’t seek help at all.

The government could change the rules with the stroke of a pen. The problem is our political leaders don’t understand the stress, trauma and violence that workers face. If we can paint them a picture of what we go through, it could jolt them into action – and convince them to remove the barriers to mental health support.

That’s why we’re asking workers to share your personal story – about what you’ve seen or experienced at work, and how it’s impacted the mental health of you or your coworkers.

We’ll share these powerful stories directly with government decision-makers, to show them how urgently we need action to remove the barriers to mental health support. (Don’t worry, we won’t share your name or any other identifying information without your permission!)

It will only work if enough workers share their stories. Will you share a personal story to help convince political leaders to unlock mental health support?

Tips for making your story as powerful as possible

Focus on personal experiences.
Your story will have the most impact if you talk about specific, personal experiences. It could be a scary or heartbreaking event, a brush with violence, harassment, or abuse. Or you could talk about something at work that left you feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. Talk about anything that shows how work can impact mental health.

If you have ever tried to access mental health support for work-related issues, be sure to mention that. First-hand stories about the challenges and barriers accessing mental health support will make a huge difference.

Don’t worry about length. Your story can be as long or as short as you like.

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