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More than ever before, B.C. workers are facing traumatic events on the job – whether they’re on the front lines of the opiod crisis, battling the COVID-19 pandemic, working with families in crisis, or dealing with violence and harassment from clients, the public, or even coworkers.

Far too often, when workers suffer psychological injuries at work, they face steep barriers to quickly getting the support they need to recover. Before WorkSafeBC will approve psychological injury claims, they force injured workers to undergo extensive evaluations to prove they have a psychological injury that was caused by work. It’s a painful process, that means many workers can’t get help when they need it most, and others don’t seek help at all.

Together we can change that. If enough of us speak out together, we can convince the government to remove the barriers to accessing mental health support for work-related psychological injuries. Will you sign the petition calling on the B.C. government to Unlock Mental Health Support for all workers who need it?

First responders and some health care workers get “presumptive coverage” which allows them to access mental health support without needing to prove the injury was caused by their work. But many of the workers at the highest risk of psychological injury – like the brave mental health and addictions workers on the front lines of the overdose crisis – still face unfair and unacceptable barriers.

We need urgent action from the B.C. government to fix the WorkSafeBC system so all workers can quickly access the mental health support they need to recover from work-related injuries.

With more and more workers suffering psychological injuries every day, there’s no time to waste. Sign the petition to Unlock Mental Health Support today.

To: BC Labour Minister Harry Bains

CC: Premier John Horgan, Mental Health and Addictions Minister Sheila Malcolmson, Minister for Children and Family Development Mitzi Dean, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Mike Farnworth, BC Liberal Mental Health and Addictions critic Trevor Halford, BC Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau

I call on you to immediately extend WorkSafeBC presumptive coverage to all health care workers, community social services professionals, social workers, probation officers, and other workers who are at risk of psychological injuries on the job.

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